Manage interactions across Facebook comments, Messenger and LINE app with our brand new message center.

SHOPLINE Merchants

Non-SHOPLINE Merchants

Single inbox for message, posts and comments

Integrate with up to 10 Facebooks pages, and Line Messenger, manage all your social media posts, messages and comments in a more effective and centralized manner. Keep up with the amount of conversations going in to your accounts everyday and make sure all customers are all receiving timely replies from the brand.

Get organized with tagging

Reply smarter by organizing and categorizing messages, get more done in less time.

Speed up customer service with saved reply

Set up templates in Message Center and reply common enquiries in one click.

View basic member profile and purchase history without leaving the inbox

SHOPLINE message center allows you to view customer profile, members status and purchase history for you to personalize your communication with them.

Conversation to conversion 

Go the extra miles to make it easy for your customers to just click and pay? You can create custom orders with selected items, recipients details, and delivery options all ready for your customers to cross the "check out" line.

*Available for specific plans only

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